Get Involved

One of the most important parts of the CTP planning process was engaging with you—the community. Thank you to all Coweta County community members who participated in the CTP update!

From November 2020 through September 2021, a number of opportunities were provided for the public and stakeholders to be involved in the CTP planning process, including public meetings, community workshops, corridor workshops, and online interactive activities.

The final Virtual Public Open House for the CTP update was held from September 8 through September 22, 2021. The virtual open house site provided an opportunity for the public to view a summary of the CTP update process, technical work completed, and draft recommendations for feedback.

A summary of all public and stakeholder engagement activities conducted during the CTP update process is included in the Final Recommendations Report, along with more detailed information in the CTP Appendix Volume II. Both documents and additional project information can be found on the Project Resources page.